Our promise to the planet – and to you

At Toomey & Koko, we believe sustainability never goes out of style. We’re a proud “slow fashion” brand, producing limited collections rather than promoting new items every season – and our clothes are designed to be worn all year round, year after year. 

We’ve worked hard to create a sustainable supply chain, sourcing our fabrics direct from the makers and working closely with them to produce high-quality items. That means we cut out the middleman and can scale production easily and responsibly, minimising our impact on the environment.

It also means you can know exactly where the fabrics in your Toomey & Koko clothes have come from. And when you take a look at our labels, you’ll see carefully selected organic materials – we make everything from 100% ethically sourced cotton, rather than artificial fabrics like polyester and viscose.

Most importantly of all, we pay our artisans and production teams fairly – and we’re committed to developing mutually beneficial relationships right across our supply chain. 

Fairer fashion is the future – and we think clothes that  do good,  look good.


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