Caring for your Adire fabrics

Our pieces are made out of 100% cotton. Cotton is a relatively sturdy fibre that doesn’t require special attention, however cotton garments can lose shape over time. To avoid damaging the Adire fabric, and keep your garments looking fresher for longer, here are a few tips.

  1. Wash only when needed - Each time you machine wash your clothes, they lose fibres and colour pigment, which in time makes them look faded. If something isn’t really dirty, try spot cleaning or even just hanging outside the wardrobe for a couple of days instead.
  2. Keep the excessive heat and wringing to a minimum. Did you know that heat is the main culprit of damaged clothes? It causes fibres to contract and others to extend, causing garments to lose their shape. Adire fabrics can be machine washed (we recommend 20º, maximum 30º), turned inside out, with spin cycles no higher than 1200. Because of the dyes used, we recommend you wash with similar colours only.
  3. Air dry whenever possible and shape your items when you hang them in order to avoid twisting. Adire fabrics feels softer when it retains some moisture in the fibres, which is another reason to avoid the dryer. The garments can instead be dried on a wide hanger to reduce wrinkling. If you are ironing, use a steam setting to avoid damage.

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