Inspire your inner confidence with our 10 favourite looks from the Met Gala 2022

Inspire your inner confidence with our 10 favourite looks from the Met Gala 2022

Arguably one of the biggest fashion events in the world, the Met Gala brings together icons en masse, clad in daring designs from the most influential designers on the planet.

Raising (eye-watering amounts of) money for the Met’s Costume Institute, the event lifts the bar in fashion year on year. 

Bigger, bolder, better. And why not? Fashion is a form of expression, after all. An art form of creativity and individuality that should be celebrated.

The celebrities that walk the red carpet are bold, confident, and often scandalous, and you bet your prosecco their outfits lived up to the hype for this year’s edition.

We’re all about celebrating uniqueness and being fearless with fashion, so if you’re ready to have fun with your own style, these looks will give you inspiration to dress as bold as you are. 

Teyana Taylor in Iris van Herpen

The fabric does all the talking in this flowy gauze gown, with a soft yet striking tie-dye finish. 

Swirling shades of blue and purple remind us of the sea, but the structured bodice brings a powerful presence: Teyana means business. 

Speaking to Vogue, she said the dress was a “futuristic” take on the theme, but that it gave her Ursula from The Little Mermaid vibes. We dig it. 

A fan of tie-dye? Us too. It’s how Omatayo creates our signature Adire fabric.

Jessie Buckley in Schiaparelli 

Masculine energy with a feminine twist? Yes, please. We love a power suit (hello Eko Blazer and Ife Trousers) and this pinstripe ensemble is dreamy. 

Mixing 3 pieces –tie, blazer, trousers– in the same print is a bold move, but one that deserves credit when made to look this effortless. The attention to detail with swirled lapels gives this look a playful edge, not to mention that drawn-on moustache. 

That takes high confidence to pull off, but we say she nailed it.


Precious Lee in Altuzarra 

This look may divide the masses, but there’s a fearlessness to this creative take on the theme that we can’t ignore.  

It’s bold, yes, a bit riské too, but blending a traditional boned corset with a sheer, embellished fishtail skirt (we’re seeing a mermaid theme, here) and a full cover knit balaclava shows that women truly can, and should, wear what makes them feel fierce.  

Could this be the start of the gold brow? We’re here for it. Goth just got a glow-up.

Chloë Grace Moretz in Louis Vuitton

We’re getting pirate vibes from this getup but we’re not mad about it. And those holographic tones have us dreaming of throwing serious shapes on the dancefloor.  

Breaking the norm of women dressing overtly ‘sexy’ on the red carpet, the blazer is the star of the show here (and you know we love a blazer), with boxy shoulders creating a powerful, sassy silhouette. 

Cynthia Erivo in Louis Vuitton 

Where do we begin? We’re in love with the African influence in this look, and the message behind it. 

Inspired by the Black women of 1800s Louisiana that covered their cornrows with scarves (because white women of the time were jealous, no less), Cynthia wore a traditional headwrap because, as she shared here, “those women don’t get the credit they deserve for the fashion.”.

Lizzo in Thom Browne 

A prime example of dressing as bold as you are, Lizzo lives and breathes total self-assurance, pairing her embroidered look with an unexpected gold flute. Worth $55,000!

A boned bodice is all the rage right now too, adding structure to the look under the quilt-like jacket.

Lizzo proves over and over that there are no rules when it comes to fashion, so if you can push the boundaries of your own wardrobe… Go. For. It.

Amber Valletta in a vintage piece from Azzaro 

This look brings all the drama with a deep, pleated V-neck that looks like liquid gold.  

Power shoulders? Check. Elegant curves? Check. Molten metallic, floor-length cut and just enough accessories? Check, check, check. 

Amber’s ‘fit is simple yet full of conviction. If you’re looking for a subtle way to add this shape to your everyday looks, try a wrap top like Ikeja to draw the eye into the centre.

Winnie Harlow in Iris van Herpen 

Structure meets fluidity in this stunner, don’t you think? It’s sculptural yet soft, with its giant organza bodice adorned with a ‘roots’ motif.  

It flows but demands attention. And that crystal crown? *Chef’s kiss* 

Winnie and Iris van Harpen liken this dress to a “futuristic ballerina”. We’ll have some of that then, please.


Cardi B in Versace 

Made with a mile of golden chains, this sultry dress is a showstopper in our books.  

A focus on texture with a simple yet bold silhouette is vibrant and elegant with almost regal energy. Gilded glamour? She understood the assignment.  

Literally dripping in gold. 


Erykah Badu in Marni  

We’ve left possibly the boldest look of all to round up our list, with this vibrant patchwork that brought the most colour to the night. 

An exciting play with texture, it’s full-on, in your face matchy-matchy that takes confidence to pull off. 

Which look is your favourite? Let us know over on Instagram @toomeyandkoko!

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